Talent Discovery and Development

The suite of talent discovery and development instruments from The Predictive Index® enable clients to approach global talent management with analytical insights in a standardized way. People managers of any organization gain insights into efficient people oriented leading skills, creating an atmosphere for every individual to perform at full potential.

Workplace behavior and motivational analytics

Knowledge and skills acquired thru education combined with work experiences are very important; however workplace behavior has significant implication on the job performance. Managers need to be able to adapt their management style connecting individual’s motivation with requirements of a specific job and leverage diversity of people, source for growth and innovation.

Premium selection instruments for staffing

Staffing process is always a complex due to multiple areas hiring managers need to evaluate to make the decision as informed as possible.  Good news is that there is an instrument The Predictive Index available since 1955, which has proven for more than 8.000 clients worldwide that whole process can be quicker, insightful and standardized.

Talent Discovery, Acquisition and Management
The Predictive Index (PI®) 

PI creates the right environment for all your people to succeed.  This instrument provides your managers a proven and validated management and assessment system that takes the guesswork out of what drives and motivates your employees to be productive, and how to create the right environment for each of your people to thrive.

The Predictive Index helps managers to connect three critical elements:
–      Expected behavior for a particular job (Job Assessment)
–      Preferred behavior and motivational needs of a candidate (PI Behavioral Assessment)
–      Projected Team behavior

With PI Professional Series™ workshops all managers get deep understanding of the concept and gain specific insights and recommendation how to tailor management to needs of an individual. They also learn who has potential to grow beyond current job duties.

Your employees will quickly recognize better understanding of their motivational needs and manager’s effort to develop and coach them for a professional development. This creates great atmosphere of trust, reducing stress at workplace and therefore stimulating commitment to an organization.

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General cognitive ability assessment
The Predictive Index Cognitive Assessment™

Often it is needed for hiring managers to get as much as possible objective information about individual capacity to learn and how quickly learning can be applied at workplace.

The Predictive Index Cognitive Assessment™ has since its launch in 2010 positioned itself as the world’s leading accurate general cognitive ability assessment system. It’s founded on decades of comprehensive scientific research. Provided information will not just measure alertness and capability, but paired with a personality assessment will provide hiqh quality information about individual capacity for a performance.

The results of the PI Cognitive Assessment™ test enable clients to better match open positions with candidates and to tailor communication and training to best match the individual employee’s potential.

Test is done online; each test is dynamically created – apx. 2 million different tests. It takes 12 minutes to complete max. 50 questions per test. To gain high quality objective information, test is often done in two rounds on a different set of questions.

For more information please visit www.predictiveindex.com/cognitive.

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