B2B Sales Excellence consulting services

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Our portfolio of B2B Sales Excellence consulting services focus on client’s most critical decision-making areas. We bring combination of experiences blended with formal research findings and customized solution development. Client’s aspirations are our mission.

International Business Management

Growth aspirations mandate international expansion which creates new challenges to everyone involved. Our support to clients include introduction of virtual team management discipline, expanded roles definition, establishment of complete internal sales management infrastructure with accountabilities, timelines, templates etc…

Sales Operations

Success of sales function is critical for any company. We help our clients understand an opportunity, develop market segmentation framework and implement international key account management discipline. Specifically we support sales managers establishing sales as a well-oiled execution machine spanning across multiple markets.

Opportunity Lifecycle development

We understand that an “art in sales” is important part anybody in sales needs to demonstrate, however when there is more than one person involved, “science in sales” improves results. We develop Opportunity Lifecycle management cycle tailored to a client’s portfolio, with defined activities, milestones and roles.

Sales Operations – Rhythm, Data Sources, Reporting structure

Only strong execution of sales excellence practices reveals strong insights. Together with a client we develop regular rhythm to stimulate culture of a dialog centered on opportunities, information exchange and key sales performance metrics. We are helping clients to benefit from their previous investments into CRM and sales force automation solutions.