Our Data Science predictive modeling workshops leverage the power of R to:

  1. Get familiar with techniques to read, evaluate and wrangle data.
  2. Build predictive classifier and regression machine learning models, and evaluate their performance.
  3. Use powerful plots to represent data relationships and insights.
  4. Build data experiments and evaluate results.
  5. Try everything with your own hands (and heads).
  6. Use resources to find answers to your ongoing questions.

An instructor-led workshops are delivered as an in-room training, and last 3 full days in a row. 60% of the time is devoted to hands-on work of participants.  A basic understanding of general terms of programming helps, but is not mandatory. Attendees are welcome to bring their own data 3rd day of the workshop. Preferred option for delivery is an in-house workshop at a location of a client, provided there is a proper room and an access to the internet. Minimum number of attendees is 4, maximum 8.