Dr. Marko Bohanec – founder

As the founder of Salvirt, a reseach and consultancy firm specializing in business application of predictive models, Marko is committed to help clients deploy predictive models to the fields of business analytics and B2B sales, improve talent acquisition practices and develop their data science skills. Prior to Salvirt, Marko spent 14 years with Microsoft in different roles related to Sales Management. In his PhD research, Marko applied data science principles to business decision-making and organizational learning, with a focus to B2B qualitative sales forecasting. He is author of several scientific articles published in conferences and international journals including top ranking Expert Systems with Applications, Industrial Management & Data Systems and Springer – Blurring the Boundaries Through Digital Innovation. He earned MSc in Business Administration and BSc in Software engineering.

Marko is a member of Bisnode SM team, focusing on predictive modelling in business environment. Marko is a trainer at The Predictive Index (PI) worldwide global network of management consultants, working in the South East European region (www.predictiveindex.com, www.predictive-advantage.com).