Predictive modeling – a foundation for informed business decisions in a global world

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Predictive B2B Sales Management

We simplify B2B sales stages to support active dialog about sales progress. Along the way, carefully selected data points describing sales specifics are collected to build a scientifically validated foundation for informed sales forecasting, what-if evaluations and recommendations for sellers’ next steps.

Predictive modeling skills

You have a ton of data and need to acquire skills to build predictive models? Or you don’t have the right data and would like to design a process, which creates data points with a high value, possibly leveraging blockchain? We help formulating relevant business questions and provide training in data cleaning, selection of machine learning techniques, evaluation of the models and more.

The Predictive Index®

Align people with job demands. The portfolio of talent acqusition and development related instruments enables you to approach HR with behavior and capability insights. Strong alignment between behavioral requirements of a job and individual preferences reduces staff turnover and increases job satisfaction.


  • Simplified sales stages.
  • Efficient dialog about progress of the opportunities
  • Improved data points for informed business decisions
  • Data Science applied to B2B Sales Management –


  • Build predictive models with your data
  • Discover which factors drive a specific business outcome
  • Enable data as a new voice in business meetings
  • Learn R programming language for an elegant modeling

  • Align talents with right jobs
  • Understand which behaviors mark your top-performers
  • Avoid guesswork when managing, coaching and much more…
  • PI CA – State-of-the-art test of general cognitive abilities
  • PI CA – It takes only 12 minutes, 50 questions
  • Online assessments available in 70+ languages


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